In a 2-hour session we build your CV into something you can be proud to share with any future employer. Not only that, but we’ll show you which elements to tailor for maximum impact for the role and company you’re applying for.

Sounds good, how do we do it?

1 //  We get to know you, your qualities and your experience.  

2 //  Together with you we analyse the job you’re applying for.

3 //  Together we write a tailored CV appropriate for the role.  

4 //  We show you how to tailor your CV for optimum impact with every role.


Got questions?

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What people REALLY think.

no, honestly...

Sarah managed to turn my old, sad CV into something I could be proud of. I found the confidence she gave me in myself just as valuable as the CV itself, as I left our meeting feeling much more able to present myself as worthy in the world of work. I found a job very soon afterwards using the information she'd helped me to develop, and was so happy with the service I've already recommended it to a friend! 

Psychology Graduate