If you’re just forming an idea, well into planning or already in your first year, speak to us about building your business. We can help with ideas, planning and coaching in the first year and what’s great is that we know starting a business is tough, so we don’t charge a fortune!                                                                                                                

A couple of conversations with us will help you set your ideas straight. We’ll work them through, prioritising what’s feasible and enjoyable.
We can guide you through the business planning process, looking at the objectives, financials, competition, funding and much more.
The first year of trading can be an exciting journey, but it will undoubtedly be a challenging one. Success in the first year comes from setting objectives and continuing to take steps towards them. This is more meaningful and therefore more effective with a coach by your side – cheering you on!

Got questions?

Call: 07590 465 097

Over the last 12 months we've been working in connection with several universities and organisations to support Start-Ups including:

  • North and West Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

  • Barclay's Ready for Business Scheme

  • Leeds Trinity University

  • University of Bradford