You never stop learning, but taking responsibility for your learning takes you from being the student, to actively seeking out mastery. 


For some people that’s reading articles, for others it’s paying attention to the successes of others, for some it’s about exploring a subject, being able to ask discuss and question it.


Workshops are a great way to do this, combining teaching with peer exploration and activity, it’s one of the most effective ways of hitting all the learning styles; Visual, Audio and Kinaesthetic.

Grow Up provides a selection of workshops that can be organised either amongst friends, through colleges or university or in your workplace. All group sizes accounted for.

Here’s a selection of the workshops we do:

  • Personality styles at work- how to identify yourself and others, how to utilise this to get the most out of people
  • Influencing - a 4 step model on how to influence people to change their behaviour, very good for people looking to go into leadership or management positions
  • Pyramid Communication - how to structure communication effectively in business, delivering a key message, ‘governing thought’, and supporting arguments
  • Growth Mind-set - A short, powerful self reflection workshop based on psychological research that examines how we view our ability/intelligence; the recognition of which impacts how we approach challenges in life and business 
  • Problem Solving - Following a structured, writing problem statements, desired states and following a cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act. A good discipline for anyone going into business

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